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How you build plugins to optimize the load speed of any site?

We, at CIS Fasty, are known for offering your plugin that is the exact fit for your website optimization requirements. We have a dedicated team of developers who develop plugins for your website built on any sort of platform such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc. Our plugin has all recommended features to speed up your website such as page cache, gzip compression, CDN support, cache pre-loading, advanced-cache reload, and a lot more.

Is it possible to increase conversions up to 3X with the optimized speed of my site?

Yes, you can speed up your website and increase conversion up to 3x by installing our website optimization plugin. You can contact our support team to know further details.

What is the positive TTFB impact?

TTFB stands for Time to First Byte, which is impacted by 3 main features.

1- Sending a request to the server from a client machine.

2- Processing the request on the server and producing a response.

3- Sending that response to theclient from the server.

As the speed of the website can impact its web search rankings, TTFB is considered a crucial factor to optimize performance and increase visibility. Thus, or plugins will help you get a positive TTFB impact.

Can your plugins improve the speed of apps, mobile, desktop, and tablet?


How the SEO speed is related to the site plugins?

Well, the simple answer is page speed does not directly affect SEO. But when you use website optimization plugins, it helps in increasing conversions while reducing the bounce rate, which ultimately impacts the SEO speed.

How can I improve my site performance?

You can use our custom plugin to speed up your site and improve site performance.

Will I get 24/7expert support after hiring you?

Yes, our 24/7 custom support team is always there to help you whenever you need it. We strive to deliver you the best service possible services along with consistent support.

How the plugins will work, I don't have any coding knowledge.

You just need to install the speed-up plugin on your device and it will start working after proper installation, you don't need to have coding knowledge for it. We have paid plugin Fasty PRO as well, you can purchase it from us.

How I can install a plugin for website optimization?

You can purchase a site optimization plugin from us and install it on your device. It will be installed in few simple steps. You can download the plugin after purchasing from your account,then go to the plugin section in the Admin dashboard and upload the plugin to activate it.

My site is slow, how do I speed it up?

The first thing you should determine is to know the reason why your site is slow to load the images or pages. But getting a custom plugin installed for site optimization will work as it will narrow down the issues and will offer many perks.

What will be the cost of getting the plugin for my site?

The cost of our speed-up plugin is $99 for 1 year. It displays each technology product. You can contact our team to get more information about it.

What will be your mode of communication?

We use email, skype, Slack, Zoom, Teamviewer, and other customer management software for communication and to keep our clients updated with their projects. You can choose any platform that you find more flexible.

What will be the benefits of availing services from you?

By availing of our services, you will get-

l  Legitimate Downloads

l  Regular Security Updates

l  Secured Products

l  Free Access

Will my custom plugin be built within my budget?

Yes, you offer you custom plugin that fits your set budget.